Monday, May 18, 2009

Asus EeeBox EBXB202-BLK-X0081 Desktop PC

Technical Details

  • Cute TIny Size - The world’s smallest PC and can be easily moved from room to room. Its 8.5″” x 7″” x 1″” dimension is smaller than a A4 paper
  • Super Quiet - Preinstalled with the latest intel technology ATOM, It is quieter than a whisper or as quiet as a wristwatch
  • Time Saving - Users can access the Internet through ASUS invoative system “”Express Gate”" to check email, surf online or chat with friends in seconds without entering the OS
  • Environmental Friendly and Cost Saving - It reduces energy usage (and cost) by 90% compared to the typical PC, so it helps to protect the environment
  • Space Saving - Easy mounting to the back of most LCD, it helps save valuable space in home or office

ASUS Eee Box EBXB202-BLK-X0081 Mini Desktop PC Enjoy easy living with the eclectic, efficient and eco-friendly Eee Box. The Eee Box is a mini desktop PC with huge possibilities. Plus, it’s so easy to use. The simple intuitive interface lets inexperienced users get started right away. This model comes with a 160GB hard drive and Microsoft® Windows® XP home operating system. Since the Eee Box only requires around 20 watts of power, your carbon footprint is reduced by 90% compared to a standard PC. The Asus Eee Box offers you a mini desktop PC that measures only 8.5” x 1”. With a slim and elegant design, the world’s smallest desktop PC allows an array of space saving options.

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