Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gaming Laptops

The playstations are the talk of the new generation now. Ever heard about laptop gaming? The best company that is offering laptop gaming, to give you optimal gaming experience is Dell. There are several factors to be considered before purchasing the laptops with the feature of gaming. The main core area is the graphic card, which is the most eminent factor if you are opting for playing games. There should also be option of upgradation because there is always something new in the gaming area coming up, new innovations etc.

The graphic cards like NVIDIA graphic chipsets is the optimal for 3D game because it gives experience as if you are playing for real on the platform. Radeon 9700 is another graphic card, which gives you better performance saving on battery power also.

Apart from graphic cards a laptop should have a better RAM, random access memory, of 512 which is ideal for serious gamers. The more the RAM the better is the experience in gaming. The video RAM or the VRAM which comes with graphics card (NVIDIA, ATI, Radeon etc…) handles graphics and visuals and is used by the video adapters inside the laptop with 32MB, 64MB, and 128MB it is especially used for 3D gaming.

The processor speed is also very important apart from RAM, as they both work in correlation. The processor speed is measured in GHz, the best being Intel Core 2 Duo. A 2.4GHz speed is best for laptop gaming. The hard drive where your data is stored should be SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Architecture) is best for laptops because it uses less power than other hard drives comparatively. The speed of the hard drives should be 7200rpm, which is the highest and best for gaming laptop.

The screen plays a crucial part to give ultimate gaming experience. A 17” screen is best suitable for this purpose. Resolution and display qualities are crucial to handle the graphics for 3D gaming. The resolution, which has to be followed is WUXGA (Widescreen Ultra extended Graphics Array) it is 1920 by 1200 pixels display or 2,304,000 pixels with a 16:10 screen aspect ratio.

One of the preferred sites to get the Dell laptop is and amazing thing is it offers free coupons, which fetch you discounts on computers, laptops, and accessories. So the best buy with all the above features in Dell can be purchased with the comfort of the home online. The Dell XPS M1730 laptop has all the above features built in.

Apart from the above features of system another factor is the firewall, which should be never forgotten. The firewalls are foremost protector of your laptop when you are gaming online. A firewall keeps outside users from accessing your system, it protects from thefts of passwords. If you have not installed firewall you are prone to be affected with the crooks installing spyware, Trojan horses, and viruses on your laptop. They can gain access to your personal information and can cause you mental trauma. A well-configured firewall will prevent any such unauthorized access to your machine.

So, go on play the games of your choice and have fun all the way with the convenience of taking the game to your favorite corner or place, but play the games with the precaution as stated above.

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