Thursday, May 21, 2009

Introducing the HP TouchSmart tx2z, With Multi-Touching Goodness

Touted as the first "consumer" oriented multitouch convertible tablet, the TouchSmart tx2z comes loaded with multi-touch power as well as a strong set of standard features.

The TouchSmart tx2z is a convertible tablet with a touchscreen that can register two points of input. Only the business Dell Latitude XT previously supported multi-touch input. As for regular computing, the tx2z is no slouch. It comes with AMD Dual-Core Processors, an ATI HD3200 GPU and up to a whopping 8GB RAM and 400GB HDD. The 12.1" display is WXGA (1280x800) and the weight is 4.3lbs. It comes with various degrees of Windows Vista as well as Bluetooth, an integrated webcam/fingerprint reader, and other optional goodies. With a starting price of only $1,149 they appear to be selling quickly. Which means if you want one I'd click here and buy it already.

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